TAL launches TALFIX, a tile adhesive ideal for remedial tiling projects

By Tal | 2017-09-13

TAL has introduced TALFIX to their tile adhesive product range. The new TALFIX is available in a handy 5kg pack, ideal for remedial work such as replacing cracked or broken tiles, and smaller DIY installations. 

Suitable for fixing ceramic, porcelain and dark-coloured natural stone tiles to walls and floors, TALFIX is quick-setting and designed for ease of use with a 4-hour pot life. Tiles can be grouted after 6 – 8 hours, and trafficked 12 hours after installation.

TALFIX can be applied in thicknesses between 5mm-12mm and in isolated areas, up to 20mm.  For all exterior/exposed and “wet” applications, high traffic areas, areas subjected to thermal stresses or temperature changes, or where some flexibility is required, replace the water in the mix with TAL Bond. Alternatively, TAL Bond Powder may be added to the adhesive mixing water.

When used in conjunction with 1L TAL Bond and 2kg Wall and Floor Grout, TALFIX is a complete tile replacement installation solution.



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