TAL X-Calibur introduces a new, rapid-setting, decorative screed

By Tal | 2014-06-11

TAL X-Calibur is introducing a newly developed industrial grade, rapid-setting and self-smoothing decorative screed called X-Tech StoneFlow. 

Polished, decorative and seamless concrete floor solutions are in high demand, however Terrazzo floors can take up to 28 days to cure before grinding and polishing can commence. 

TAL X-Calibur joined forces with Rock Solid Flooring and HTC polishers to develop and introduce a revolutionary new flooring system throughout South Africa. HTC polishers are marketed through Superb Flooring Systems, which is part of the PMSA Group.“We’ve identified a need in the market for a rapid-setting decorative screed, suitable for fast-track installation, which can create a polished and seamless concrete look without the long curing time associated with Terrazzo floors,” says Andrew Dekker, National Sales Manager Construction Products at TAL.X-Tech StoneFlow is a cement based rapid-setting, self-smoothing, shrinkage compensated and heavy duty decorative industrial screeding compound available in varying combinations of base colours and aggregate finishes. The product allows specifiers and designers to create a custom floor as they can select the specific background colour they prefer and several aggregates, including marble and granite chips. “The design possibilities are endless as the product provides an aesthetically pleasing finish that can be delivered in various colours made to order,” he says.

The screed is designed for use in industrial environments on both new construction and renovation projects. It is suitable for applications exposed to heavy traffic and abrasion, such as factories, warehouses and production areas. It’s also seamless and therefore low in noise, which is especially suitable in environments subjected to trolleys and roller casters. Due to its decorative qualities, X-Tech StoneFlow is also suitable for commercial applications such as the hospitality industry as it works well in restaurants as well as domestic applications.

Tests conducted by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) show that X-Tech StoneFlow has a compressive strength in excess of 30MPa at 24h. SABS is conducting a wide range of performance tests on the product to give customers confidence that they are getting a state of the art product. The surface can be subjected to light foot traffic after three hours. The floor can be subjected to surface conditions, such as grinding and the first stages of polishing within five hours of placement, depending on application thickness and ambient conditions.

Application of X-Tech StoneFlow requires fully trained specialist contractors as it involves grinding and polishing. The final finish is only achieved by using specialised equipment such as the HTC super floor polisher range, designed to polish concrete Terrazzo and similar types of floors. 

The HTC Sealer is applied before final stage polishing to prevent moisture penetration and staining. The sealer penetrates the concrete and therefore does not create a synthetic look but rather leaves the concrete with a natural finish. The floor also requires maintenance polishing to uphold its high-gloss shine. No chemicals are required during the maintenance polishing process, only water in conjunction with the HTC Twister range of polishing pads; therefore the floor saves on maintenance costs.  X-Tech StoneFlow was recently supplied and installed by Rock Solid Flooring for the refurbishment of the Vigour and Verve coffee bar at the Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani hotel complex in Durban where it created a decorative brick red and granite-looking floor finish. 

TAL provides quality construction solutions from concept to completion and its screed and cement range produces smooth, high strength and hard wearing floor surfaces.

The company has the ability to develop bespoke construction products to suit its customers’ requirements whether they’re specifiers, architects or contractors. TAL’s products are manufactured locally, are compatible with South Africa’s climate conditions and are in line with the latest technology. X-Calibur Construction Chemistry forms part of the TAL building solutions range and consists of construction product solutions with an emphasis on flooring and surface treatments, concrete repair and protection as well as anchor groutings and fixings, sealers and coatings, floor hardening compounds and waterproofing systems. X-Tech StoneFlow forms part of the X-Calibur range locally manufactured by TAL X-Calibur under license from X-Calibur Construction Chemistry Incorporated. TAL is ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certified and its products are designed, manufactured and tested to TAL standards, assuring customers that products will perform to specification. 

Contact the TAL Technical Advisory Service on 0860 000 (TAL) 825 for details and specialist contractors who can apply X-Tech StoneFlow. For more information visit www.x-calibur.co.za and www.tal.co.za


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