Why you need to waterproof a tiled shower

By Tal  |  2019-05-22  |   | 53545 views

When contemplating a renovation of your bathroom that includes installing a shower cubicle or above-bath shower, it is important to waterproof this ‘wet’ area before tiling. [...]


How to successfully install glass mosaics onto a shower floor

By Tal  |  2016-10-26  |   | 57474 views

For centuries, mosaics have provided a beautiful decorative element to all types of structures. Shower mosaics are particularly popular, and here TAL provides useful tips and guides on how to apply glass mosaics to a shower floor. [...]


How to ensure that your external tiled area is waterproofed

By Tal  |  2014-12-10  |   | 50047 views

As the rainy season raises its head, you may come to realise that your balcony was not sealed or waterproofed correctly. Carrying out the proper background preparation procedures in waterproofing exterior suspended areas before tiling takes place is essential. [...]


How to identify and prevent water damage to tiled surfaces

By Tal  |  2014-05-14  |   | 67429 views

Most tiles have the capability of absorbing water. Luckily we can help you to identify water ingress before it is too late and the damage has been done. We can also advise you on how to prevent and deal with water damage correctly. [...]


How to waterproof a shower

By Tal  |  2014-03-28  |   | 219745 views

Tiling your own shower can give you great satisfaction. Here we share some handy tips to guide you. [...]


Tips for increasing the water resistance of a tiled shower

By Tal  |  2013-08-07  |   | 98110 views

To ensure a waterproof installation it is advisable to waterproof the shower enclosure prior to tiling. [...]