Concrete Repair


Add TAL MICROCRETE to water and mix for at least five minutes using an TAL approved forced action mechanical mixer.


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TAL RAPIDFIX is a single-component high-performance Patching and Repair compound manufactured from rapidsetting shrinkage-compensated cement and selected aggregates specially designed for repairing of deteriorated concrete and mortar surfaces as well as patching holes in floor and wall surfaces. It is a multi-purpose system designed to withstand heavy loading and trafficking in both industrial and domestic installations.

TAL RAPIDFIX can be applied to fill holes prior to installing floor coverings, underlayments or screeds, or can be left exposed in both high traffic industrial applications, ie factories, and in domestic applications.

TAL SCREEDBINDER must replace the water in the mix for all exterior and/or ‘wet’ applications (showers, etc), where possible ingress of water or building movement is expected, and for heavy traffic areas.

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TAL SKIMCOAT is a single component cementitious polymer modified concrete skim coat for use in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

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TAL SLABPATCH is a single component, fast setting, fluid micro concrete manufactured from selected cements, aggregates and additives and has extremely high durability. It can be used at a range of workabilities.

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