What you need to know about moisture and substrates

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Moisture vapour within a concrete substrate can affect the successful installation of the final floor covering. The tolerances vary from tiles to laminates and vinyl flooring, so it is important to check with the manufacturer for the stipulated levels on the product you are installing and to measure the moisture levels within the substrate carefully. [...]

Industrial Flooring

Top 5 tips on how to choose an industrial flooring applicator

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Installing an industrial flooring system, whether on a new floor or the refurbishment of an existing floor, can be a complex project to undertake. Experience teaches us that a correctly prepared substrate, combined with a flooring system that is suited for the relative service environment, will far surpass the life expectancy of that bonded covering. [...]


The value of a vapour barrier when installing floor coverings

By Tal  |  2020-09-11  |   | 99832 views

Spring is something special in South Africa as we take a collective breath of fresh air and look forward to the return of warmer weather. It also means that we need to start thinking about how to manage the risk of rising moisture levels in substrates with the return of summer rains across most of the country. [...]

Industrial Flooring

Performance analysis of epoxy vs. polyurethane flooring systems

By Tal  |  2019-03-05  |   | 138267 views

Resin-based flooring systems, both epoxy and polyurethane (PU), are the two most common systems used for industrial flooring installations. These are available in thin-build coatings as well as thicker screed types, with gloss, matt or slip-resistant finishes. Self-levelling and smoothing options are also available in certain of the products. [...]


When to use a self-levelling underlayment

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Self-levelling and smoothing underlayment compounds, such as TAL Screedmaster and TAL Superscreed SL, are ideal for levelling subfloors in installation areas such as hospitals, clinics and schools, where ‘soft’ (resilient) floor coverings are going to be installed as the final floor finish. These types of floor coverings require a perfectly smooth and level surface, as any surface imperfections in the floor will not only detract from the aesthetic appearance, but can also affect the longevity of the floor covering installation. [...]


Reasons to install an underlayment

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Underlayments are an important aspect of a flooring project, in both residential and commercial settings, where a level and smooth surface is required before installation of the final floor covering. The type of underlayment needed will depend on what kind of flooring will be installed on top of it. Other considerations include the size of the area, its purpose, and how much foot traffic it will see. [...]


When to use a trowel-applied underlayment compound

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Trowel-applied underlayment compounds, like TAL Superscreed, are ideal for smaller installations, or for correcting minor variations or imperfections in floor levels before installing floor coverings. [...]


Floor levelling application using TAL Screedmaster

By Tal  |  2014-07-23  |   | 107144 views

TAL Screedmaster is a high strength, rapid setting, and shrinkage-compensated leveling compound with excellent ?ow properties that produces smooth, level and hard wearing ?oor surfaces suitable for the application of ?oor coverings, with minimum installation time. [...]


What to consider when considering underfloor heating

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Underfloor heating is a heating solution many home owners and commercial customers are opting for. [...]