large format tile installation


By Tal  |  2021-02-08  |   | views

There is much discussion about large format tiles in the market as they grow in popularity, but what is a large format tile? By rough definition, a large format tile has at least one edge with a length greater than 600mm or a facial area greater than 3500cm², therefore a tile measuring 600 x 600mm or larger, is considered a large format tile. [...]

clairwoord hospital covid 19 wards
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Fast track solution for KZN COVID19 wards

By Tal  |  2020-10-26  |   | views

Working closely with the Department of Health in Kwa-Zulu Natal, TAL has helped fast track an overhaul of the healthcare facilities at Clairwood Hospital in Mobeni, Durban. Originally converted from army barracks into a hospital in 1956, Clairwood Hospital required significant renovations in order to transform it into a functional modern space that is a key addition to the province's quarantine and isolation centres. [...]

LVT Installation
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Multi-level installation system for perfect LVT installations

By Tal  |  2020-10-26  |   | views

A beautiful floor plays a large part in creating a cohesive, well designed space, but the look and performance of a floor covering is largely dependent on what lies below. When specifying vinyl sheeting, LVTs or PVC-backed vinyl tiles, the multi-level installation system is critical to ensure the desired end-result. We believe that careful attention must therefore be paid to the correct combination of products, to ensure a successful and long-lasting installation. [...]