4 key levels when renovating a shower, or bath surrounds

By Tal  |  2021-06-01  |   | views

Using a multi-level installation system when renovating a residential bathroom ensures a durable end-result for you, and your customer. The cost of being called back to conduct repairs because water has seeped from the wet areas in the bathroom, through the wall into the room next door, can be significant. [...]

priming over tile instructions
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Priming for a tile over tile installation

By Tal  |  2018-12-14  |   | 98531 views

The key to a successful tile over tile installation lies in the priming system. As with any tiling project, a correctly prepared surface increases the bond of the adhesive to the surface. See our step-by-step guide on how to prime an existing tiled surface for a tile over tile application. [...]

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How to Prime a Surface using Bitumen Adhesive or Waterproofing for Tile Adhesive Application

By Tal  |  2016-04-25  |   | 101668 views

Tal gives step by step instructions on how to prime a surface using Bitumen adhesive or waterproofing for tile adhesive application [...]

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How to Prime an Existing Paint Gypsum Skimcoat Surface

By Tal  |  2016-04-17  |   | 99334 views

How to Prime an Existing Paint Gypsum Skimcoat Surface for Tile Adhesive Application [...]

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How to Prime-Vinyl or Carpet surface

By Tal  |  2016-04-05  |   | 96982 views

How to Prime-Vinyl or Carpet surface - Infographic [...]

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7 Reasons for Priming the Surface Before Tiling

By Tal  |  2016-03-02  |   | 134505 views

7 Reasons for Priming the Surface Before Tiling [...]

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TAL Bond Powder – our first 1kg bag tile adhesive and grout additive

By Tal  |  2015-09-21  |   | 100107 views

To prevent cracking and lifting of tiles and the possibility of tiling installation failures, professional and experienced tilers know that special precautions must be taken when tiling the following areas: [...]

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How to prime a surface yourself

By Tal  |  2015-04-22  |   | 49358 views

Properly preparing the surface before tiling will ensure a successful tiling installation. It is therefore essential that you prime the surface prior to installing the tiles. [...]

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Why use a primer and additive in your tiling installation

By Tal  |  2015-02-11  |   | 49419 views

Primers usually mixed with cement or tile adhesive to form a slurry which is applied with a black-brush to the surface. [...]

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Why use TAL Bond as a water substitute

By Tal  |  2013-10-02  |   | 56941 views

TAL Bond is a latex-based liquid additive. [...]

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Why prime a surface before tiling it?

By Tal  |  2013-07-17  |   | 50382 views

The function of a primer is to prepare the surface and increase the bond of the adhesive, screed and waterproofing compounds onto the surface. [...]