TAL Bond Powder – our first 1kg bag tile adhesive and grout additive

By Tal | 2015-09-21

Click here to download TAL’s guide on ‘How to limit the cracking and lifting of tiles’

To prevent cracking and lifting of tiles and the possibility of tiling installation failures, professional and experienced tilers know that special precautions must be taken when tiling the following areas:

  • Where enhanced flexibility is required (Suspended slabs, suspended wooden floors, floors with radiant heating and lift shaft walls)

  • Permanently moist areas (Showers, bathrooms and laundries)

  • Permanently wet areas (Swimming pools)

  • High thermal stress areas (Saunas and steam rooms)

  • External applications exposed to the elements (Patios and balconies)

  • Heavy traffic areas (Car showrooms and factories)

  • Reduced temperature areas (Cold rooms and chiller rooms)

The professional tiler should ensure that the background or surface is properly prepared to accept the tile adhesive by ensuring the surface is firm, sound and dry, free from dust, loose particles, surface contaminants and previous adhesives. The surface may also require priming with a Keycoat Slurry.  He should also ensure that there are sufficient tile panel movement joints in the installation to allow for some degree of building and thermal movement.  In addition, the tiler would also use a latex based additive in the adhesive and grout to enhance their flexibility, bond strength and water-resistance.

Those familiar with our brand will know TAL Bond, a modified latex liquid additive which is used as a total water replacement in the adhesive or grout mix.  These liquids can be heavy and bulky to transport especially for larger installations.  Our research and development team, therefore, came up with an alternative additive in the form of a 1kg powder sachet called TAL Bond Powder.


 TAL Bond Powder is a special blend of dry-form polymer-based additive and is essentially a concentrated version of the liquid products.  Although it is not a latex powder, it fulfils a similar function, but it is considerably easier to handle and transport due to its compact packaging size. 

The fundamental difference between these two products is in the mixing.  Where TAL Bond liquid is a water replacement, and is poured directly into the mixing bucket before the adhesive or grout powder is added.  TAL Bond Powder does, however, require mixing with water to become emulsified before the adhesive or grout powder is added.  This extra step is vital as it ensures an even dispersion of the product in the mix.  When mixing the following ratios should be followed:

  • 20kg tile adhesive or grout should be mixed with 1kg (full sachet) of TAL Bond Powder

  • 5kg tile adhesive or grout should be mixed with 500g (half sachet) of TAL Bond Powder

  • 2kg tile adhesive or grout should be mixed with 250g (quarter sachet)  of TAL Bond Powder


Interested in purchasing TAL Bond Powder? TAL Bond Powder is available from specialist tile retailers such as Tile Africa, tile merchants  and large home improvement retailers, such as Builders Warehouse. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you find your nearest stockist: 0860 000 TAL (825) or taltech@norcrossa.com

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