At TAL we make tiling easy. Below are some handy tips and downloads to make your tile installation even easier.



Priming the surface for tile adhesive application.

TAL provides a range of primers to prepare the surface prior to the application of tiling adhesives, screeding and waterproofing compounds. Primers ensure a good bond onto the substrate before tiling or screeding commences. 


Download Installation Guide



Floor leveling application using 


Floor leveling application using 



A high-strength rapid-setting cementitious compound designed to produce a smooth, hard-wearing surface suitable for fixing all floor coverings. 


A self-levelling, high-strengthcementitious compound designed with high flow properties to produce a smooth, flexible and hard-wearing floor surface.




Download Installation Guide



Download Installation Guide


Tiling step-by-step.


Grouting step-by-step


Cutting a wall tile.


Wall tiling made easy.


Floor tiling made easy.



Step-by-step instructions to assist novice tilers in the basics of DIY tiling.


Step-by-step instructions to assist with the basic preperation and application of grout.

It’s important to approach tile cutting in the correct way to avoid damaging the tiles and harming yourself. In this guide, we show you how.

Tiles make for the perfect wall covering as they are hygienic, easy to clean and durable.

Tiling a floor for the first time can be daunting. We’ve compiled step-by-step instructions to assist novice tilers. 


Download Installation Guide 



Download Installation Guide


Download Installation Guide


Download Installation Guide


Download Installation Guide



Waterproofing application using 

Waterproofing application using

Waterproofing shower recesses, internal wet areas, external decks, planter boxes, roof slabs, swimming pools and water features whencovered with tiles or decorative toppings. TAL SUREPROOF is flexible and UV resistant.

Waterproofing shower recesses, internal wet areas, external decks, swimming pools and water features when covered with tiles, as well as non-trafficable roof slabs and parapet walls, It cures to provide a flexible, waterproof membrane. Must be used in conjunction with TAL SUPERFLEX MEMBRANE.Tiles may be applied directly onto the cured TAL SUPERFLEX using an appropriate TAL adhesive system.


Download Installation Guide

Download Installation Guide



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