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This article explores the critical aspects of tile installation, focusing on the importance of achieving the correct bed thickness using an appropriate notched trowel. It delves into factors such as substrate levelness, compensating for imperfections, and the influence of tile size on bed thickness requirements. The piece also highlights techniques like "levelling up" and "double trowelling" for specific scenarios, emphasizing the significance of trowel notch size. It concludes by stressing the importance of selecting the right adhesive and considering project-specific factors for a successful tile installation. [...]



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Unravel the significance of selecting the right trowel for your tile installation project with this comprehensive guide. Delving into the nuances of trowel notches and their impact on adhesive application, the article navigates through the size and spacing of trowel teeth, offering insights into TAL's 6mm square-notch, 10mm square-notch, and 20mm round-notch trowels. Emphasizing the dual-edged feature for adhesive spreading, the guide explains how the chosen trowel size influences the thickness of the adhesive bed beneath the tile, vital for a successful installation. Explore the intricacies of adhesive thickness, bed thickness, and the role of workmanship in achieving optimal results. [...]



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This article emphasizes the importance of precise calculations when determining the amount of tile adhesive needed for a project. It begins by outlining steps to measure the installation area and recommends adding 10% for potential errors or extra tiles. The article stresses the influence of various factors such as tile size, substrate levels, environmental conditions, and workmanship on adhesive requirements. The inclusion of large format tiles and the technique of "double trowelling" are highlighted. It concludes by emphasizing the importance of selecting the correct TAL adhesive for the project and referencing the manufacturer's instructions on the bag. Technical advice and support contact details are provided for further assistance. [...]


4 key levels when renovating a shower, or bath surrounds

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Using a multi-level installation system when renovating a residential bathroom ensures a durable end-result for you, and your customer. The cost of being called back to conduct repairs because water has seeped from the wet areas in the bathroom, through the wall into the room next door, can be significant. [...]

blue mosaic tiled wall
Tile Grout

Fit for Purpose: Cementitious versus Epoxy adhesives for mosaic tiles

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Mosaic tiles remain a popular choice for commercial and domestic applications, with glass tiles enjoying particular favour. Consideration of the service area will determine the choice of adhesive, either cementitious or epoxy-based, as fit for purpose. [...]

TAL Water-Based Epoxy Grout
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TAL introduces first water-based epoxy grout to the market

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TAL has introduced TAL Water-Based Epoxy Grout, an innovative, water-based epoxy grout to the market that offers excellent chemical, acid and stain resistant properties. This is the first water-based system in the local market and has been formulated specifically for ease of application and clean-up. [...]


How to tile over existing tiles successfully

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Tiling over your existing tiles can save you money and time but not all tiled surfaces are suitable for this type of installation. What are the most important factors to consider when completing a successful tile-on-tile application? We offer some tips on how to get it right. [...]

TAL tiling kitchen splashback

Can’t upgrade your kitchen? Get a splashback!

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Looking for a cost-effective way to transform the look and feel of your kitchen? A kitchen splashback is a great alternative to fully upgrading your kitchen. And the best part? You can do it yourself! Popular tiling choices for kitchen splashbacks include glass, stone, and of course, mosaic tiles. These tiles are a beautiful way to enhance the look of any room, because they can be installed over both large and small areas, or as feature panels between other tiles. [...]


Light-coloured Ceramic Tiles

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Some white and light coloured ceramic tiles are susceptible to glaze discolouration due to moisture pull through [...]


Light-coloured Natural Stone

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Stone tiles have a natural beauty that makes them a desirable finish for floors and walls. Natural stone refers to a variety of materials including Marble, Travertine, Granite, Limestone, Slate and Sandstone. [...]


Bonding and Grouting Mosaic Tiles

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It is recommended that the bonding and grouting of mosaics should be done in one operation in order to provide a strong installation. The mosaics should be FIRMLY bedded into the adhesive to ensure good contact between the adhesive and [...]

Tile Grout

Tips on selecting the perfect grout colour

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When tiling, many people spend days over the choice of tiles: What kind of tile, what shape and what colour? Selecting the grout, which fills the space between the tiles, is often a mere afterthought. [...]

Tile Grout

How to revive your grout in 9 easy steps

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If you have started to notice cracks in your grout or if it is looking a little grubby and no amount of scrubbing helps, it may be time to replace the grout. We know what you’re thinking – easier said than done. [...]

Tile Grout

How to get your bathroom ready for visitors: Tile & grout refreshment tips

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Before April, with a couple of weeks of school holidays and many public holidays it is an ideal time to start working those little broken, chipped and cracked tiles or grout refreshment you’ve been meaning to get to. [...]

Tile Grout

Grout colour matching made easy

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Picking out the correct colour grout for your tile installation is a choice which will ultimately affect the visual appeal of your home. [...]

Tile Grout

What to do about soft crumbling grout?

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Grout is used to fill the joints between tiles and to help create a smooth, attractive surface that is both water resistant and easy to maintain. If, however, the grout is crumbling, powdery or falling out, it can’t perform these tasks and will be ineffective. [...]

Tile Grout

Get a grip on grout: Part 2

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Get a grip on grout 2013 part 2 [...]

Tile Grout

Get a grip on grout: Part 1

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Get a grip on grout part 1 [...]

Tile Grout

How to choose the right colour grout

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Choosing a grout colour is a very personal choice and will depend on whether you want the grout to blend with or contrast against the tiles. [...]