TAL introduces first water-based epoxy grout to the market

By Tal | 2017-10-13

TAL has introduced TAL Water-Based Epoxy Grout, an innovative, water-based epoxy grout to the market that offers excellent chemical, acid and stain resistant properties.  This is the first water-based system in the local market and has been formulated specifically for ease of application and clean-up.  

Being water-based makes TAL Water-Based Epoxy Grout easier to clean up as no heavy chemicals are required.  This formulation also offers excellent workability and is much easier to work with than traditional resin-based epoxies. The product is available in Light Grey and White.

TAL Water-Based Epoxy Grout is ideal for installation areas such as abattoirs, breweries, dairies, hospitals, food and beverage production and preparation areas, swimming pools, bacteria and mould-growth areas. It is also well suited to areas that require high levels of chemical resistance, acid resistance and which are subjected to high-pressure hosing and steam cleaning.

This product is supplied in a 2 component kit, namely a resin and a hardener, both in paste form. Although mixing of complete, full packs is preferred, part-mixing can be done provided the exact 1:1 mix ratio is followed. After mixing, TAL Water-Based Epoxy Grout is usable for approximately 1 hour at 20oC. 


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