Get a grip on grout: Part 1

By Tal | 2013-11-13

There are a number of handy tools that can be used to apply grout. Forget using your finger or an old toothbrush, professional tools save time and make the job so much easier.

Get a Grip on Grout.jpg

Grout squeegee and grout sponge
These tools are used to spread and wipe away excess grout. A grout squeegee has a soft edge and therefore won’t damage the tiles. It is a wonderful tool when grouting mosaics as mosaics have more sharp edges for a grout spreader to get caught on.

A grout sponge is made from a denser foam and results in a smoother finish when cleaning tiles. It features rounded edges that will not make grooves while wiping off excess grout from the tile surface.

Grout calculator
Use our handy Grout Calculator to determine how much grout you’ll need.

See part 2 of Get a grip on grout for a step-by-step guide on grouting.


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