How to choose the right colour grout

By Tal | 2013-10-23

Choosing a grout colour is a very personal choice and will depend on whether you want the grout to blend with or contrast against the tiles.


Look at grout samples in the room where the tiles will be installed and compare the samples against the tiles.

A colour that complements the tiles will create a uniform look and will make the floor appear more even. A contrasting grout will make the floor appear more checkered. It is not essential that the grout colour matches the tiles exactly, as long as it is in the same colour range.

Here are a couple of tips to help you select and apply grout:

  • Where possible, avoid using white or light coloured grouts for floor applications. Light coloured grouts tend to discolour over a period of time and any dirt or debris that accumulates in the grout joints tends to show up more against light coloured grouts as opposed to darker coloured grouts that hide dirt.
  • Read the packaging instructions before grouting. Important information regarding water to powder mix ratios, application steps, drying time and cleaning are included in these instructions.
  • When applying grout to soft glazed tiles, highly polished tiles or glass tiles, work carefully to ensure that you don’t scratch the tile’s surface.
  • Test the grout on a sample tile to ensure that there is no staining caused by the grout being absorbed through the glaze or into the tile body.
  • When applying TAL Wall & Floor Grout to high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen, passage and entrance hall as well as wet areas, replace the water in the mix with TAL Bond, a latex additive, to improve water resistance, flexibility and strength of the grout.
  • Over a period of time dirt can become absorbed or embedded into the cementitious grout, which is porous. Sweep or vacuum floors first to remove surface dust before cleaning with a mop. Regularly change the water to prevent dirt from being redistributed over the tiles and grout.
  • TAL Glint is a blend of mild acids and detergents designed to clean and shine ceramic tiles and also to rejuvenate grout.



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