Bonding and Grouting Mosaic Tiles

By Tal | 2016-07-13

Bonding and Grouting Mosaic Tiles

 It is recommended that the bonding and grouting of mosaics should be done in one operation in order to provide a strong installation. The mosaics should be FIRMLY bedded into the adhesive to ensure good contact between the adhesive and tile.

The installation of mosaics requires effective supervision and the employment of skilled operatives; good adhesive mixing and application procedures, as well as consistent and accurate installation techniques are essential.

For the installation of this type of material it is important that the substrate to be tiled is flat and level.

Glazed ceramic mosaics can be installed using TAL MOSAICFIX, a brilliant-white standard-setting cementitious adhesive.  TAL PROFESSIONAL can be considered if a grey finish is required between the mosaics.

Stainless steel mosaics, which usually have a porcelain body, should be installed using TAL GOLDSTAR 6 or TAL GOLDSTAR 12.

Porcelain and natural stone mosaics can be installed using TAL GOLDSTAR 6 or TAL GOLDSTAR 12 if a grey finish is required, and TAL MARBLEFIX if an ‘off-white’ finish is required.

Glass tiles are very brittle and rigid and therefore require a flexible high-strength adhesive system, such as TAL MARBLEFIX mixed with TAL BOND or TAL BOND POWDER, or TAL MARBLEFLEX. Failure to use a flexible adhesive system will result in any movement being transferred directly to the glass. Glass products, being reflective and translucent, will immediately show defects that might not be as visible with opaque tiles, such as ceramic and porcelain.

Also, due to the translucent nature of glass tiles, a light-coloured adhesive is recommended for fixing the tiles as the aesthetic finish of the installation could be adversely affected when using a dark-coloured (grey) adhesive. When installing stainless steel and glass mosaics, due care must be taken to ensure that the face of mosaics do not get scratched during application and cleaning.


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