Why use TAL Bond as a water substitute

By Tal | 2013-10-02

TAL Bond is a latex-based liquid additive. It is designed to be used as a water substitute in a cement-based adhesive and grout mix when tiling or grouting external areas, wet areas, high traffic areas and areas where some flexibility is required. TAL’s range of additives includes TAL Bond and TAL Screedbinder.

TAL Bond additive improves the bond strength, flexibility and water-resistance when added to cement-based adhesives and grout.

It is important to use an additive when installing tiles in wet areas, such as showers, and exterior applications. Additives make the tile installation less susceptible to water penetration and also increase the flexibility of the adhesive and grout.

When using an additive in the adhesive or grout mixture, it is important to use the full amount of additive as stipulated in the instructions on the packaging. Do not dilute the mix with water as diluting the latex will compromise the flexibility and water-resistance of the adhesive or grout.  


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To summarise, an additive such as TAL Bond ensures a successful tiling installation in areas where flexibility and water-resistance is required.

TAL Screedbinder additive improves the bond strength and flexibility when added to TAL Superscreed, which is used to level imperfections in flooring surfaces. When mixing TAL Screedbinder with TAL Superscreed, the screeding compound can be used as a protective barrier over ceramic tile heating elements.

TAL can issue a Materials and Methods Specification for a tiling installation. Contact the TAL Technical Advice Centre number on 0860 000 TAL (825) to request a specification.

To access the product data sheets for TAL Bond and TAL Screedbinder click here: TAL BOND and TAL SCREEDBINDER.



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