Why prime a surface before tiling it?

By Tal | 2013-07-17



Substrates may be porous or impervious, smooth or rough, or dusty and powdery. Without applying a primer, the substrate may either draw the liquid from the adhesive or screed mix (porous surfaces), prevent the adhesive or screed from bonding onto the surface (dusty or powdery surfaces), or be too smooth or dense for the adhesive or screed to form an adequate bond onto the substrate (smooth, impervious surfaces).

Incorrect or inadequate surface preparation can adversely affect the integrity of the   installation and may lead to an installation failure. The solution is to use a primer.

TAL provides a range of primers to prepare the surface prior to the application of tiling adhesives, screeding and waterproofing compounds. The TAL range of primers consists of TAL Keycoat, TAL Floor Primer, TAL Floorkey, TAL Epoxy Primer and TAL Superprime.

For more helpful tiling tips visit the DIY tab on TAL’s website: www.tal.co.za



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