How to prime a surface yourself

By Tal | 2015-04-22

Properly preparing the surface before tiling will ensure a successful tiling installation.  It is therefore essential that you prime the surface prior to installing the tiles.  Substrates have different attributes; some are porous and rough and others are smooth and dense.  Not applying a primer could mean that the tile adhesive struggles to bond onto the surface which could lead to the tiles lifting after a while. TAL offers a variety of primers for every tile installation need; these include:

TAL Keycoat which can be used undiluted for porous surfaces or as a slurry mixed with adhesive for smooth, dense surfaces.

 TAL Floor Primer is designed for use on rough, porous surfaces prior to the application of TAL screeding and waterproofing compounds and TAL Floorkey is for use on smooth, dense surfaces in the same applications.

TAL Superprime is ideal for dense and difficult surfaces such as fibreglass or the backs of mesh reinforced or resin backed tiles as cementitious products are not compatible with these products.   


Steps to priming (using TAL Keycoat):
Step 1.  Ensure the surface is clean and free from surface contamination.



Step 2. Mix one part TAL Keycoat to two parts tile adhesive OR 1.5 parts cement, by volume. 


Step 3. Add the cement to the TAL Keycoat liquid.



Step 4. Use a mechanical mixer to mix the ingredients. The slurry must have a smooth, paint-like consistency.


Step 5. Using a builder’s block brush, apply the slurry-mix to the surface, ensuring good coverage, i.e. the slurry coat must fully cover the substrate.  



Step 6. Allow the primed area to dry for 4-6 hours before tiling. 




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