Reasons to install an underlayment

By Tal | 2017-07-25

Reasons to install an underlayment

Underlayments are an important aspect of a flooring project, in both residential and commercial settings, where a level and smooth surface is required before installation of the final floor covering. The type of underlayment needed will depend on what kind of flooring will be installed on top of it. Other considerations include the size of the area, its purpose, and how much foot traffic it will see.

Underlayments are installed on top of a subfloor to level the surface, creating a perfectly smooth, level finish. When it comes to floor coverings such as vinyls or laminate flooring, it is very important to eradicate imperfections in the subfloor as this will impact the aesthetic and longevity of the installation. Large format tiles may be slightly curved and therefore a level surface will reduce the ‘lipping’ that may occur when installing these tiles.

An underlayment must be covered with a final floor covering. If you want a concrete-look floor then a decorative overlayment is required such as TAL SuperFlow or TAL Fusion.



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