When to use a trowel-applied underlayment compound

By Tal | 2017-07-25

When to use a trowel-applied underlayment compound

Trowel-applied underlayment compounds, like TAL Superscreed, are ideal for smaller installations, or for correcting minor variations or imperfections in floor levels before installing floor coverings.

Trowel-applied underlayments are also ideal when it comes to the installation of underfloor heating. Due to the temperature fluctuations associated with floor heating systems, when mixed with TAL Screedbinder (as a water replacement) TAL Superscreed is ideal for the installation of under-tile heating elements (wires). This will then form a protective barrier over the heating elements, ensuring that they are not damaged during the installation of subsequent floor coverings.

TAL Screedbinder is a latex additive designed to enhance the bond strength and flexibility of TAL Superscreed. TAL Screedbinder should be incorporated in the mix when TAL Superscreed is applied in high traffic areas, commercial installations where rubber caster wheels form the majority of the traffic, all exterior/exposed areas, ‘wet’ areas, where building movement is expected, and where thermal expansion and contraction is common (i.e. under floor heating).

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