Why you need to waterproof a tiled shower

By Tal | 2019-05-22

When contemplating a renovation of your bathroom that includes installing a shower cubicle or above-bath shower, it is important to waterproof this ‘wet’ area before tiling.

A shower that is not waterproofed runs the risk of creating water damage on the wall of the room next door. In upstairs bathrooms, the water can seep into the floor, damaging the ceiling of the room below. Poor, or no waterproofing can also cause the tiles to pop off in the shower.

Whilst tiles themselves are inherently waterproof, except for natural stone tiles, slate etc, no standard cement-based tile adhesive or grout can claim to be waterproof due to the porous nature of cement. You can increase the water resistance of the grout by modifying it with a latex additive such as TAL Bond, but this does not replace a proper waterproofing system.

When selecting your waterproofing system, choose a waterproofing compound that is compatible with a cementitious tile adhesive, such as TAL Sureproof. This compound is designed for tiling projects, as the tile adhesive can be applied directly to the waterproofing.

Wall and floor corners of the shower must be reinforced by bedding TAL Sureproof Membrane into the TAL Sureproof liquid.

The waterproofing system needs to be applied to above the height of the shower rose and, where the wastes are flush with the floor, down into the shower waste.

Complete the waterproofing system by replacing the water in the grout mix with TAL Bond, a latex additive, as this further increases the water resistance and flexibility of the installation.

Get the job right the first time and avoid future headaches from water seeping through and damaging the walls and floors of your home. The additional cost and effort of properly waterproofing your shower is an investment in your property and will ensure a beautiful and functional bathroom for years to come.

For more information on multi-level waterproofing systems, contact a TAL Expert on 0860 000 TAL (825), email us or watch our how-to video on YouTube for step-by-step advice on how to waterproof a shower.



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