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By Tal | 2015-07-31

Update 2019-02-21

In a professional work environment, protecting floors from everyday damage is of extreme importance as damaged floors can cause health and safety issues. Hazards such as abrasions, thermal shock, and chemical wear, can damage floors in a working environment, leading to compromised health and safety. It is for this reason that we selected TAL UraFloor HT as the floor covering when we renovated our technical workshop at our factory in Clayville, east of Johannesburg.  The process took three days from surface preparation to laying down of the final product. 

1. Laying down an epoxy primer 

2: Broadcasting a coarse grit to ensure grip       3: Applying the final product

4:  Drying time is between 3 - 5 days depending on the foot traffic of the area

In this video you can view the entire process from start to finish:


Our Construction Products team points out that the TAL UraFloor range is not a DIY solution but rather, one that needs prior training or the assistance of a trained professional. 

TAL’s UraFloor range of polyurethane floors forms part of the X-Calibur X-Tech range, which also consists of epoxy and cement screed floors which are overlayments. This range of flooring protection products offer a proactive solution to ensure the longevity of floors.

The TAL UraFloor range comes in four different types:

TALUraFloor HT: A heavy-duty solvent-free polyurethane flooring system which is available in both screed and self-levelling forms. Its excellent resistance to organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, fuel and hydraulic oils, aromatic and aliphatic solvents makes it perfect for heavy-duty applications in areas where chemical and food processing, brewing, engineering process areas, joint nosing and bedding applications take place.

TALUraFloor CS: A heavy-duty polyurethane-based floor screed and mortar designed to provide excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and thermal shock. The product has been developed especially for use in cold stores and freezer rooms.

TAL UraSeal WDS: A high-performance water dispersed polyurethane sealer and anti-scratch coat that can be applied to existing epoxy and polyurethane coatings and floors, as well as to underlays, concrete screeds and slabs.

TAL UraFloor TF: Providing excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and thermal shock is TAL UraFloor TF, a heavy-duty polyurethane-based floor screed and mortar which is resistant to abrasion, impact and chemical attack, and also contains a unique antimicrobial additive. 

This makes it a product-of-choice for heavy-duty applications in food processing, medical facilities, dairies, beverage factories, cold stores and anywhere else that requires a non-slip finish. If applied at a thickness of 9 mm, TAL UraFloor TF can also be steam cleaned for maximum hygiene.

TAL UraFloor Range is the perfect industrial companion that ensures a ‘prevention rather than cure’ solution to the longevity of floors. Again, it is emphasised that these products are for industrial use and are potentially hazardous if not used correctly by trained operatives. Customers are encouraged to discuss their requirements with us as well as get technical information on which product is the best fit for their purpose.

Interested in these products? Contact any of TAL’s Building Products Reps as outlined below or download the data sheets at http://www.tal.co.za/home/index.php?ipkContentID=319 or contact our TAL Technical Advice Line on 0860 000 TAL (825). 

Building Product Reps:  

Dylan - 082 652 7824 (Kwa-Zulu Natal)

Matthew - 083 661 7154 (Western Cape)

Schalk – 082 875 0384 (Gauteng)

Tendai – 082 895 1055 (Gauteng)


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