Tiling Tips

Light Coloured marble and travertine tiles

Marble, Travertine and Natural Stone tiles tend to be porous and may leach the moisture out of the adhesive, adversely affecting the curing and integrity of the adhesive. Using a rapid-setting adhesive will mean that the adhesive will cure before any moisture is leached into the tile.  

White or light coloured natural stone tiles should be fixed using TAL MARBLEFIX, a light-coloured rapid-setting high-strength adhesive designed for use with light coloured natural stone tiles, where a grey adhesive may show through in the form of ‘staining’.

NOTE: Certain marble and travertine products have a reinforcing mesh or resin backing on the backs of the tiles which, due to the nature of the fixative / resin used to bond the mesh onto the back of the tile is not compatible with cementitious tile adhesives.  Please contact TAL if the marble or travertine product to be used for your installation has a reinforcing mesh or resin backing, so that we can advise on the correct adhesive system.



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