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When tiling ‘wet’ areas, such as showers, steamrooms or saunas and balconies or roof slabs, it is essential to ensure that the correct background preparation is carried out and that suitable adhesive and grout systems are used.

Apart from the obvious need for a water proof installation, it is necessary to ensure that the adhesive and grout system will accommodate any thermal expansion and contraction in the installation as a result of the water temperature.

Whilst mixing your adhesive and grout with TAL BOND, a latex additive which, when used as a total water replacement in mix, will enhance the bond strength, water resistance and flexibility of the adhesive system. This will only offer a ‘water resistant’ finish.

Whilst some people feel it is unnecessary to waterproof shower enclosures (or even balconies), failure to do so can result in water permeating through the grout and adhesive into the substrate, which can cause damp patches on adjacent walls or on the ceilings of rooms below the installation.

The only way to ensure a totally waterproof installation is to waterproof your substrate prior to the tiles being installed. The TAL product range includes 2 waterproofing compounds, namely TAL SUPERFLEX (acrylic based liquid waterproofing system) and TAL SUREPROOF (2 part liquid-applied waterproofing membrane).  

How to Waterproof a Shower
Tips on Increasing the Water Resistance of a Tiled Shower

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