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Large Format Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

By rough definition, a large format tile is a tile with the length of at least 
one edge greater than 600mm (nominal) or a facial area greater than 
3500cm² (nominal).  A nominal 600 x 600mm tile would be considered to 
be large format.  

The actual dimension of a tile nominally 600 x 600mm 
is likely to be
597 x 597mm.
Because of modern manufacturing techniques, porcelain
and ceramic 
tiles can be manufactured in sizes previously only used
in the natural 
stone sector.  Large format tiles are now readily available
and special 
consideration should be given to fixing these tiles.

  • There are permissible manufacturing tolerances for ceramic
    and porcelain tiles, and large format tiles may have permissible 
    surface flatness irregularities, ie the tile surface may be ‘curved’ or
    ‘bowed’. Back buttering with a thin coat of adhesive may therefore 
    be required to ensure full contact and a solid bed of adhesive behind
    each tile.
  • Lipping of tiles is inevitable on ‘curved’ tiles. Laying of tiles in a brick
    bond pattern should therefore be carefully considered because of
    potential lipping caused by the curvature of large format tiles.
  • The joint width for fixing large format porcelain tiles (including 
    rectified tiles) should be no less than 3mm wide, and no less than
    5mm wide for ceramic tiles.


TAL has developed TAL POURABLE ADHESIVE, a grey pourable, flexible 
rapid-setting high-strength cement-based adhesive for fixing all large 
format ceramic, porcelain, granite, dark-coloured marble and natural 
stone tiles to floors, ensuring solid bedding with no buttering required on 
tile backs.  

Because of the flowable nature of TAL POURABLE ADHESIVE it is essential 
that floor level surveys be conducted and all variances in levels be 
rectified before tiling is commenced.

Please also refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific details 
pertaining to the handling, cutting, cleaning and maintenance of these 

Advantages of using a Pourable Adhesive

Watch a step by step video about how to install large format tiles with TAL Pourable Adhesive

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